Active Travel

At Fremington Community Primary School we encourage children and parents to travel to school by cycling, scooting and walking wherever possible. We promote ’Active Travel‘ events each year, such as ‘The Big Pedal’ and our Eco team have worked with the Sustrans organsisation to promote scooting to school. We also run ‘bike-ability’ sessions for children in Key Stage 2. We survey parents each year to find out how they travel to school.We also operate a 'kiss and drop' system in the mornings where parents of children from Reception upwards can be dropped off on our slip road and are met by a member of staff. 

Aims of Active Travel are to:

  • Encourage healthier lifestyles by walking, scooting and cycling;
  • Improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists, children on scooters and drivers;
  • Reduce Congestion around the school;
  • Reduce carbon emissions from vehicles in and around Fremington.

Some of the benefits of active travel:

  • Being active on the way to school leads to more awake and alert pupils in the classroom;
  • Children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. The journey to and from school is an ideal time for children to engage in physical activity;
  • Walking / scooting and cycling to school are great ways to help pupils become familiar with their local environment;
  • Walking, scooting and cycling helps improve air quality and the local environment around their schools by removing the number of cars around the school gate;
  • Reducing car use and congestion around the school gates increases pupil safety and reduces harmful toxic fumes.

For the well- being of our children, we expect parents and carers to:

  • Encourage their child to walk to school whenever possible;
  • Encourage their child to take up opportunities to develop their competence and confidence in cycling or scooting;
  • Consider cycling, scooting and walking with their child on the school run; possibly joining with other families as a ‘cycle train’;

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