Year 5 Learning

In light of the disruption caused by COVID-19 some parents have been asking for their child's Purple Mash login details. Those children still at school have these in their pencil cases so that they can bring them home. I don't hold a hard copy of these as I didn't set them up (unlike Read Theory which I have). If your child is at home and you need their Purple Mash login can you please contact Leandra in the school office with your email address and she will ping it straight back to you. If you need their Read Theory login details please msg me via Dojo and I'll send it straight back. In the interim, for those pupils at home, the children can access Purple Mash if they have their logins; they can upscale their Read Theory to 10 reads per week, that should suffice (2 per week day is not too onerous). As we haven't been the most prolific class using Times Tables Rockstars, the pupils can access that to their hearts content using Garage, Studio, Soundtrack, Rock slam, Festival and Arena....all of which will keep them on their toes regarding their times tables knowledge and mental recall speeds. We are at present studying Earth In Space as our science topic, and a big part of this was for the children to research areas of interest and produce a non-fiction fact sheet e.g. What is a Nebula?; What is a black hole, how are they formed; What and where is the Goldilocks Belt etc., etc. Now might be a good time for them to carry that on.
Finally, if the school is instructed to close we shall be providing remote learning activities for the children 

to access....further information around that will appear if/when that occurs obviously.
Please keep yourselves and your loved ones safe. If I can be of any help in any shape or form

please don't hesitate to contact me via Dojo and I'll do my best to assist you in any way I can. Stay safe.

Best wishes Ian Blair and Alex Presswell- Resources below for use by BOTH CLASSES

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