Year 5 Learning

Dear Parents,

For those pupils now at home, your children can get creative with Purple Mash ; they can upscale their Read Theory to 10 reads per week, that should suffice (2 per week day is not too onerous). They can also use Times Tables Rockstars to their hearts content, using Garage, Studio, Soundtrack, Rock slam, Festival and Arena....all of which will keep them on their toes regarding their times tables knowledge and mental recall speeds. 

Every Sunday we shall upload the coming week's Home Learning activities. Please access them when you are able....there is no hard and fast rule to complete so many tasks a day.....access them across the week as and when. Do remember to send us your photos of "you in action", as this is one way of staying in touch, and also of assessing the tasks being undertaken.

Please keep yourselves and your loved ones safe. If we can be of any help in any shape or form please don't hesitate to contact us via Dojo and we'll do our best to assist you in any way we can. Stay safe.

Best wishes Ian Blair and Alex Presswell.

Home Learning items

Home Learning Tasks - Mr Blair's Panthers & Mr Presswell's Leopards 

Summer Term Week 12  (6th July - July10th 2020)

Summer Term Week 13  (13th July - July17th 2020)

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