Home learning for year 3 can be found here from 23rd June onwards.



Continue to complete the BBC Daily Lessons on equivalent fractions!

Children working towards year 3: Use BBC Daily Lessons for year 2 starting with unit fractions. 

Continue to learn your times tables and use TTRS!!


Complete the BBC Daily Lessons starting with Mastering Inverted Commas!


Create a poster to help save the world’s rainforests.

Write a persuasive letter to stop deforestation.

Make a rainforest animal fact file.

Investigate the layers off the rainforest and create an information page.

Layers of the Rainforest Video Clip

Rang-Tan Video Clip

Watch the Rang-Tan advert and complete the reading activities.



Have a go at a science activity linked to the rainforest:

  • Investigate how water travels through plants using celery and food colouring.
  • Label the parts of a plant.
  • Investigate what plants need to grow by growing bean plants in different places.
  • Make a rain cloud in a jar. Some of you may have already tried the experiment at home.
  • Create your own water cycle in a bag!
  • Discover plants living in the rainforests.

Click on the pictures below to find out more:

Rain Cloud in a Jar

Rain Cloud

Water Movement Investigation

Investigate how water travels through a plant

Water Cycle in a Bag

Water Cycle in a Bag

Investigate what plants need to grow. Visit BBC Bitesize Science to find out more.

Try growing a bean plant in different places to explore what they need to grow.

Places you could try growing your bean plants:

  • In a dark cupboard (no light)
  • In the fridge (no warmth)
  • In a sunny window
  • Don't water one of your bean plants to investigate whether plants really do need water to grow.
  • In an airtight container 

Remember to think about what you need to do to make it a Fair Test.

Grow a Bean in a Jar


Locate and explore the world’s rainforests using Google earth and complete the Tropical Rainforest World Map Activity.


World Map


Create the sounds of the rainforest!!

Click here to listen to the sounds of a rainforest.


Create a rainforest animal collage using different materials and resources.

Look at the work of Henri Rousseau.

Henri Rousseau


Make a rainforest terrarium
Make a rain maker
Make a mini rainforest in a box

Rainforest Terrarium Rainforest in a Bottle

Rainforest Terrarium

Rain Maker

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