Dear Parents,

We hope this finds you and your family safe and well. This is a very uncertain and worrying time for all of us, including your children, so our priority is ensure that your children feel supported and comforted. We will be available via Class Dojo to support you and your child.

We have attached below a document that we hope you find helpful. It outlines a suggested plan for the day to support your children with their home-learning, however we do understand that you may also be working from home and have other children at home so please adjust to best suit you and your child. Your child's mental health and well-being is top priority so ensuring that they continue to exercise regularly and have opportunities to do fun and creative activities is essential; we will be providing ideas for both.

Each week, on a Sunday evening, we will provide you with a collection of work for you to do with your child each week. As we stated before, how you plan your day with your child is what suits your household best. We would like children to complete one maths and english task per day, as well as read or complete a reading activity daily. We will also provide ideas for other subject learning that you can pick and choose from across the week. Below, you will also find a Reading at Home and Spelling Activities Booklet, to provide you with guidance, activities, resources and website links.

We understand that it will be difficult for you to mark and help them with their work each day so we would like your child to share their home learning with us using Dojo. Each child has a Portfolio on their Dojo account. This is an area where they can share written text, photos, videos, documents or drawings with us. We will be able to see their learning, they can ask us questions, we will be able to provide them with feedback and set them challenges. We may also share some tasks with children on their portfolios. Please do not share learning via messages; the portfolio is effectively their exercise book storing all of their learning in one place.

We want to continue to ensure that each child’s learning is meeting their specific needs and where they are on their learning journey. Therefore we will be uploading several different maths, writing and reading plans and tasks that are differentiated to different learners needs. We will let you know in a private Dojo message which Learning and Tasks your child needs to be completing for each subject.

Teachers will be available during school hours via Class Dojo Portfolio and Class Dojo Messages to provide support to your child and family. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. As I’m sure you can understand, the world of online teaching is new to us too so as we discover more resources and ways of supporting your child, we will share them with you.

We look forward to seeing all your photos of home learning. We would like to wish you and your loved ones all the best and hope you are all safe and well.

Kind regards

Miss Upton and Miss Bolton


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