Corona Virus Updates and catch up funding

Lockdown Jan 2021 Update letter

COVID Catch up funding

Track and Trace during Christmas Holidays

During the first week of the Christmas period, to keep families safe, we would like to ask you to inform us at the earliest opportunity if your child attending our school tests positive for COVID-19. This will enable us to track any close contacts in order to advise them to self-isolate. You can do this by messaging the headteacher directly through class dojo or by emailing

Please remember, before the return date of the 5th of January, if anyone in your household is showing symptoms or tests positive, the household will need to self-isolate for 10 days from the first day of symptoms and not return to school.

Key Worker Information and GDPR
In order to comply with the Government’s guidance with regard to shutting schools and providing places for key worker children, it is necessary for us to collect and manage data about these children and their parents/carers in a different way.
Our standard GDPR policy applies, and information found on our privacy notices relating to staff, parents and of course pupils will apply in all cases.
We will use the information that relates to key workers in order to ensure that those children who are entitled to a place at school whilst schools are officially closed are correctly processed, managed and safeguarded.
The Data Controller continues to take its obligations to data processing seriously and will ensure that appropriate safeguards and measures are in place.

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