This half term Nursery have been looking at Animals. We have experienced many WOW activities:-

It all started with a Lamb called Bobby who came to see us, he belonged to one of our children and once he had settled he was very lively! We fed him some milk from a bottle and asked lots of interesting questions. Just before he left, he left us a nice present on the paper, much to the amusement of the children - thank you Bobby.

On he 8th March 2017 we then went to RHS Rosemoor, the weather wasn't brilliant but it didn't dampen our spirits. We began with a walk around the grounds, we made it to the vegetable patch (a long way for little legs!!). On the way back for lunch we went to the lake to look for Crocodiles - did we find any?!!  We saw lots of different colours with the flowers, and also experienced how Bees pollinate our plants, we also became pollinators of the plants, thank you Billie McNeil for being a star polllinator. Our workshop was in the afternoon after a well deserved lunch stop, for the workshop we experienced first hand how a seed grows - thank you Jessica Stagg for being our fabulous seed, she was planted, watered and then grew. Then we had a go at planting seeds in compost - we planted Salad leaves which have now grown, we will be experiencing the taste of our home grown leaves w/c 22nd May in sandwiches we are going to make.  Finally we had a go at being detectives, and armed with magnifying glasses we went on a hunt for flowers and plants. A lovely day, a bit damp but worth it - and on that note, what else is there to do when it rains and leaves puddles ...... jump and splash in them ofcourse (and that was just Miss Angless!!). 

We then had some caterpillars delivered, they were very tiny - but WOW did they change. They ate and ate and got much bigger until they turned into Coccoons, they then stayed snuggled up for about 2 weeks until .............. out emerged the butterflies - great anticipation and excitement. We then set them free in our garden and watched as they flew away.

We also had visits from Chickens, Rabbits - and a Puppy is still to come. Brilliant theme with lots of WOW moments.

We follow our dreams and embrace who we are...

Fremington Quay by Cliff Spittle