Reception went into the deep dark woods at Tapeley Park hunting for teddy bears before Goldilocks had scared them away.  The day began by using clues to find our own teddy bears.  We made chairs and mud porridge for the teddy bears as Goldilocks had sadly broken them! Jen the organiser lit a camp fire for us to enjoy and we made some delicious porridge and hot chocolate.  We then built dens to keep our teddy bears safe using the resources in the forest around us. 


In the afternoon we spoke about local animals and we made our own sheep using the saw, mallets and sheep wool. We made animal footprints to hide in the forest, leaving clues for the other group to find.  Our day also included a Dormouse challenge and each group was responsible for keeping their own 'Dormouse' warm.  The temperatures were recorded at the end of the day to see who kept their 'Dormouse' the warmest as we learnt about their eight month hiberation.  

We follow our dreams and embrace who we are...

Fremington Quay by Cliff Spittle