Data Protection-

As part of the Tarka Learning Partnership, we are required to have a named Data Protection Officer.

Data Protection Officer (DPO)
The DPO is responsible for monitoring compliance with the UK General Data Protection Regulation. The DPO is also the central point of contact for the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and all data subjects in relation to matters of data protection and subject access requests.

Tarka Learning Partnership’s Data Protection Officer is John Walker. John’s contact details are:

John Walker
J A Walker, Solicitor
Office 7, The Courtyard
Gaulby Lane



Telephone: 03337 729763

For our school’s data protection breach and non-compliance procedure and Subject Access Requests (SARs) procedure see about/gdpr/

You can also find data subject rights, lawful basis for processing and right to lodge a complaint with the ICO at the same link.

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