WB 22.6.20  - Robots


Suggestions for Home Learning


Complete the BBC Daily Lessons starting with Turns and Angles.
You may want to try some Robot-themed maths instead!! This includes using symmetry to draw the other half of Roz the robot, creating a robot from 2-D shapes and an activity from Nrich - Make Your Own Robot!!
Robots need to be programmed so position and direction are important. Try some maths from White Rose. Click here to access teaching videos.  

For those working towards year 3 there are some great robot-themed math activities. Also click on the link to play Robot Addition. Another fun activity to try is Robot Monsters.

Maths Extra challenges for those wanting an further challenge!! Click on the link for some challenging activities linked to Postion and Direction
Continue to practice your times tables using TTRS!!


Complete the BBC Daily Lessons starting with reading and understanding texts.


Try a range of writing tasks linked to robots:

Watch Playmate and write a story about the robot going on his own adventure.

Watch Light and create a formal letter of complaint about Charly and her 'strange' helper from one of her neighbours. 

Watch Mon ami le robot and create a journal entry for the boy.

Create your own poem about a robot.

Watch Girl and Robot and write instructions for building a robot.


Continue to use Oxford Owl to access a range to e-books.

Read or listen to The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and answer the comprehension questions.

The Iron Man by Ted Hughes Audio:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

The Iron Man

Comprehension Task


Learn what a robot is and the different types of robots that exist.

How are robots used today?

Watch the following clips:

Nat Geo Kids Robots

BBC News - Five robots that are changing everything

DT/ Crafts

Design and make your own robot from recycled materials.

Make a robotic hand.

Make a 3D paper model of Iron Man.


Create a timeline of robots.  

Click here for information.


Use coding to investigate how a robot can move or carry out a task. 

Try one of the many activities from An Hour of Code. Complete all the levels and get a certificate!!

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