WB 6.7.20 Sport



Complete the BBC Daily Lessons


Write instructions for a new or exiting sport.

Research information about an Olympic champion and complete the fact file.

Research a sport and create a fact sheet it.


Complete the BBC Daily Lessons
•Sport-themed maths
•Math Extra for those wanting an further challenge!!
•Continue to practice your times tables using TTRS!!


Continue to use Oxford Owl to access a range to e-books.

Read  the texts and answer the comprehension questions about sport.


Muscles enable us to be active and exercise.

Look at the information about muscles and complete the Muscles and Moving activity.

Make muscles!

Label the bones on a human skeleton.

Watch the BBC Skeleton video clip or click on the link below to find out more about the human skeleton.

Skeleton Video Clip


Use the presentation to discuss why fair play and sportsmanship is important.

Fair Play Presentation


Can you complete one of these DT activities?

A mascot is a person or thing that is supposed to bring good luck, especially one linked to a particular organization or event. Design a sports mascot. See the images below for some ideas.

Design a football strip.

Imagine inventing a new sport! What would it be called? What would the rules be? Now is you chance to design a new sport!!

Play a game using the Ancient Olympic Boardgame and then create your own sports-themed boardgame!!


Use the presentations to find out more about the history of the Olympic Games.

History of the Olympics Games


Find and colour the countries where past Olympic Games have taken place.

Geography Activity and Information

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Fremington Quay by Cliff Spittle