WB 29.6.20 - The Tudors



Complete the BBC Daily Lessons
Tudor-themed maths
Math Extra for those wanting an further challenge!!
Continue to practice your times tables using TTRS!!

Extra Challenges

Working Towards Year 3


Complete the BBC Daily Lessons


Write a persuasive advert for a Tudor house 

Write a letter from Henry VIII to Catherine of Aragon, explaining why he wants a divorce.

Write your own “Horrible History” style fact files about a Tudor figure.


Continue to use Oxford Owl to access a range to e-books.

Read  the texts and answer the comprehension questions about the Tudors

Reading and Comprehension Activities


Create a Tudor family tree

Research Tudor homes.

Compare the lives of rich and poor people in Tudor times.

Create a Tudor timeline. What events could you include?

Look at some Tudor artefacts and find out more about them.


Watch the following clips to find out more about the Tudors:

Henry as a dad

Henry as a Husband

Henry as a King

Henry’s Great Achievements

Henry's Hobbies and Interests


Rich v's Poor


Plan and cook a Tudor Feast and write instructions for a chosen dish!

Make your own Tudor house.

Create your own Tudor shield.


Listen to Tudor music on the BBC’s site.


Create a collage of Henry V111 using different materials.


 Choose an activity from the ‘Science Ideas Web’.

Science Web


Make up your own Tudor dance.

Watch this video and then create your own dance!!

Organise a tennis tournament with your family members!


Use PowerPoint to design a quiz about the Tudors.


Tudor punishments were very severe.

Do you think are appropriate in school?

Why might we need them?

Crime and Punishment

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