Friday 23rd March 2018

There have been a further two confirmed cases of scarlet fever in school.  Please read the latest letter from Health Protection England and FAQ sheet.  If you think your child has scarlet fever, contact your GP as soon as possible.  Although is is usually a mild illness it should be treated with antibiotics - make sure your child completes the course of antibiotics. 

It is important to let the school know if your child has scarlet fever, chicken pox or flu.  Children with scarlet fever should not return to school until 24 hours after starting treatment with antibiotics.

There has also been a case of Chicken pox and flu in school.   Please read the advice contained in the latest letter.

Thank you.

Scarlet Fever - latest Letter to Parents-23 March 2018

Scarlet Fever - 1st Letter to Parents

Scarlet fever FAQs


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