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What are philosophical concepts and how do we use them? 

Our philosophical concepts are what we use to link subjects within each project. We have split them up into ‘me’ ‘my community’ and ‘my world’. Teachers select 2 or 3 of these philosophical concepts for each term's worth of learning using the lead subject to support their decision. These concepts are what we will use to make links to other subjects in our curriculum. Using these concepts allows teachers to make meaningful links across the curriculum as well as with children's thoughts, opinions, values and ideas. 

Why do we use them?

Linking other subjects through these concepts allows us to create connections to children’s lives rather than an abstract about people who lived long ago, for example in History.  This way of planning also allows us to make broader connections to two subjects that are often pushed to the edges of curriculum design, RE and PSHE. It also gives us the opportunity to access a wider selection of high quality texts rather than having to stick to titles linked to the subject content. Part of our school’s belief is to develop children’s values- linking our curriculum using philosophical concepts helps children to develop a sense of their own moral ideals.


How do they help children? 

By making these connections to children’s lives, through the philosophical concepts, it supports the children to make important links within the project they are learning and making the learning meaningful.

Our Curriculum Drivers

As a staff team  we looked at what we wanted for children leaving our school. We wanted to understand the needs of the children in our school community to help us design a curriculum that would enable our children to attain our ‘vision’ for a child leaving Fremington Primary. Together we spent time looking at the key ‘drivers’ that should underpin our curriculum to make sure that it was able to support the children in developing key skills, knowledge and values. We spent time understanding children in our local context and what we considered the ‘key ingredients’ in being able to deliver a curriculum that was ‘bespoke’ to our community.

How does this work each year?

In KS1 and KS2 we split the learning into 3 terms with each term having a lead subject. This lead subject is where we get our philosophical concepts from to make links across other subjects that term. 

Our Curriculum Diagram 3 terms

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