‘Every human is an artist.’ Don Miguel Ruiz

In our school, Art and Design aims to create a safe and nurturing environment in which children are encouraged to experiment, take risks and innovate, focusing on the journey rather than a pre-defined outcome. This is fostered by providing children with the opportunity to explore a wide variety of materials from the outset, and thus grow in confidence, understanding and the ability to self-direct learning (which will be supported by sketch books in KS2). We seek to deliver a curriculum that contrasts traditional skills with experimental work; small scale work with large scale work; 2D work with 3D work and art history with contemporary art. We will expose children to a variety of creative roles models and find out how art and design contributes to the culture, creativity and wealth of our nation.

Mrs  Amy Johnson

Mrs Amy Johnson

Mrs Johnson is one of our Year 2 teachers and our Art and Design subject leader.

Mrs Kate Collier

Mrs Kate Collier

Mrs Collier is a year 2 teacher and is our Art and Design subject leader

There are 6 strands within Art and Design that the children learn about each year: drawing, painting, printing, textiles, mixed media and sculpture. 

The children have 3 Art Projects each year: 1 large project and 2 smaller projects. The large project takes place during our Create Term and includes 3 or 4 of these strands. The 2 smaller projects inlcude the remaining strands not covered and are then linked to other curriculum work in our Discover or Explore Term to make this meaningful.   

The 7 key concepts of Art and Design are Shape, Line, Colour, Tone, Texture, Space and Form. Each year group has a key concept they focus on, however the remaining concepts are woven into our planning through our large and smaller projects. 

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