"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go" Dr Seuss

At Fremington, our aim is to develop and embed a strong, sustainable reading culture within the school community. We value reading being at the very heart of our curriculum and we are committed to promoting a love for reading at all stages. We are dedicated to enabling our pupils to become lifelong readers and believe that the teaching of reading is integral to a child’s understanding and appreciation of the world around them; a platform that allows our children to see beyond what they know.

We believe reading opens the opportunity to indulge and escape to other places, allowing time to reflect, feel safe and discover new worlds and ideas. Reading will empower our children by providing them with opportunities to access new information and unlock new paths. It allows children to gain a better understanding of the greater world and the opens up an insight into worlds of others, allowing them to appreciate and empathise in situations they have never experienced themselves. It builds curiosity and encourages children to become critical thinkers, securing a good trajectory for personal development.

We envisage that the pupils at Fremington will be competent readers who can recommend books to their peers, seek out books from a range of different genres including poetry and engage in discussion about authorial choices or impact on the reader. Once our pupils have unlocked the key to reading, it is our intention that they will be able to apply their reading skills in order to access the wider world.

"You can find magic wherever you look, sit back and relax, all you need is a book" Dr Seuss 



Reading in KS2

Ashley Booth

Our children in KS2 use a guided reading scheme created by Ashley Booth. This was developed over a number of years with his school, and has many schools around the country using this fantastic resource. To support this approach, each class also reads a class story linked to their philosophical concepts or curriculum learning every day for 15 minutes. This ensure children have access to and study a text in its entirety from start to finish and build the skill of following a text through. 

Children at our school have a daily 40 minute whole class guided reading session linked to either the class story (2 lessons a week) or the high quality text that week (3 lessons)

Here is the structure of guided reading each week:  

Monday: Class Text -  During this lesson, the children recap on the class story from the previous week. Oral questions recalling what has happened, and providing feedback on Friday's work are discussed during this time.  

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: High Quality Text - During these sessions the children cover the rest of the reading objectives. The children learn key vocabulary within the text, complete shared and individual reading and take part in active discussions about the text. They answer a variety of questions through these sessions orally and the teacher models each week how to answer specific questions in written form, before the children have a go. 

Friday: Class Text - On Friday the children return to a lesson on the class story having read it every day that week. During this session, the children answer questions focusing on predicting and summarising as these are better applied to the entirety of a text.

Beginning Reading

In our school we believe in instilling a love of reading in all our children. Books are a fantastic way to inspire children's imaginations and we seek to share our love of reading with the children in our care. From your childs first day in our school we give them opportunities to share stories, share books with their friends and to use our school library. Even our youngest children have a daily reading book to bring home and share with their parents. We work closely with our new parents on how to begin reading with the children through sessions on phonics ( and how to make reading time an enjoyable time.

While children are becoming independent readers we ensure they have access to books that are well matched to their reading level. These are often called book bands. Most of our children start off on Lilac and progress through the different colours with progressively more challenging texts. Before a child moves onto the next 'bookband' we assess them to ensure their reading fluency and comprehension skills are secure.

Mrs Leila Kite

Mrs Leila Kite

Mrs Kite teaches in Year 5 and leads English across KS2

Mrs Sam Blair

Mrs Sam Blair

Mrs Blair is our Foundation Stage Team Leader. She teaches in one of our Reception classes and also leads phonics across the school.

Miss Sarah Bolton

Miss Sarah Bolton

Miss Bolton teaches in Year 2. She is our Key Stage 1 Leader and is one of our English Subject Leaders.

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