Reading & Phonics


Beginning Reading

In our school we believe in instilling a love of reading in all our children. Books are a fantastic way to inspire children's imaginations and we seek to share our love of reading with the children in our care. From your childs first day in our school we give them opportunities to share stories, share books with their friends and to use our school library. Even our youngest children have a daily reading book to bring home and share with their parents. We work closely with our reception parents on how to begin reading with the children through sessions on phonics (see below) and how to make reading time an enjoyable time.

While children are becoming independent readers we ensure they have access to books that are well matched to their reading level. These are often called book bands. Most of our children start off on Lilac and progress through the different colours with progressively more challenging texts. Before a child moves onto the next 'bookband' we assess them to ensure their reading fluency and comprehension skills are secure.

More Confident Readers

when children have moved through the 'bookbands' they become 'free readers' and are awarded a special certificate in assessmbly. They are then able to chose their own reading book alongside their library book. It is really important to remember that even though these children can read fluently they still need support with comprehension and understanding as well as widening their vocabulary.

Reading and Phonics


As a school, we believe every child can learn to read. One strategy the school has adopted to ensure this takes place is the Systematic, Synthetic Phonics Programme. This will enable all children from Nursery through to Year 2 to begin learning phonic knowledge and skills to secure their word recognition, which in turn will aid the children in becoming fluent readers.

The Department for Education has published a useful leaflet "Learning to Read through Phonics - Information for Parents".

Please click here to view the Phonics Leaflet

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