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Please help our school by applying for Free School Meals   -  our school gets an extra  £1,300 for every child registered.       

Apply  through the Citizen Portal ;   it’s quick and easy and you will get an instant decision.

 Free School Meals   -    It is important to register for free school meals,  as our school will receive an extra  £1,300  per child from  Pupil Premium funding, to support your child’s learning.   If you think you may be eligible for Free School Meals please help our school by applying at the Citizen Portal.   This funding helps to provide extras for your child, such as reading and numeracy interventions, additional Learning Support Assistants and speech & language interventions.

 All enquiries are treated in confidence.  Pupils entitled to Free School Meals will be issued with dinner tickets from the School Office.

Universal Free School Meals 

Pupils in Reception classes, Year 1and Year 2 receive school meals provided at no cost to you.   However, it is still vitally important to register for Free School meals so that the school can receive extra funding to support your child’s learning (an extra £1,300 per child).  If you have not already done so, please help our school by applying at the Citizen Portal or phone the Education Helpline on

0345 155 1019, even if you are unsure whether you are eligible.

Dinner Tickets for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 and Nursery

If your child would like a school dinner and is in Year 3, 4, 5, 6 or the Nursery, you can buy dinner tickets through ParentPay.  ParentPay offers is a quick and easy way to make payments whenever and wherever you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - the School Office will issue the tickets to your child, in an envelope, on Mondays.  Please make sure you buy your tickets before 8pm on Sundays.  If you have not yet registered with ParentPay, please ask the school office for your ParentPay Activation Letter.

Should you still need to buy tickets with cash, they are available from the School Office on Fridays only, between 8.45 am and 3.30pm. A book of five tickets costs £11.00.


Monday's School Dinners

Monday 25th February

M: Hot Dog with Tomato Sauce
V: Smoky Lentil Black Bean Chilli
S: Sweetcorn & Peas, Herby Diced Potatoes
D: Fruit Muffin & Milk Drink
P: Tuna Mayo Baguette

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