School Performance


The link will take you to the DfE page that shows how our Year 6 children performed in their SATs tests at the end of Key Stage Two last year. The information shows their progress between the end of Key Stage One and the end of Key Stage Two, as well as information on how many children reached the expected standard for their age. There is also a link on the page which enable you to compare our school against others.

Click here to view the DfE information


The links below show how our children performed at key statutory assessment points in their school life. At the end of EYFS (Reception class). Children are assessed as being emerging, expected or exceeding a  GLD (Good Level of Development) across 12 areas of learning, including reading writing, shape and number.

At the end of Key Stage One (Years One and Two) the children are assessed in Reading, Writing, Maths and Science. We measure the number of children who are working at, below or above ARE (Age related expectations).

At the end of Key Stage Two (The end of Year 6 prior to leaving us) children are assessed in Maths, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation and Science.  We look carefully at how well children have progressed since Key Stage One and Reception. Children are assessed as work at, above or below age related expectations.

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