The School Day

Our School Day

Our School Day

Breakfast Club

Brightstars Nursery run a breakfast club in our school hall from 8am. The children enjoy breakfast cereal and toast and some time to play. Contact Brightstars on 01271 321277 to book a place. We have a £1.50 per child drop off from 8.30 am

8.50 am Welcome in!

We open our doors from 8.50am. We choose our lunches and register. Usually in the morning sessions we focus on reading, writing and maths.

Reception: Children in Reception classes are welcome to bring their grown-ups to class with them to choose their lunch and hang up their coats and bags. This is a great time to speak to staff and help your child become independent in their morning jobs.

Key Stage One: Children in Years One are welcome to bring their grown ups to the classroom from 8.50am. As with Reception, this is a good chance to speak to staff and help the children with their morning jobs. Year Two children meet their teachers in the playground at just before 9am.

Key Stage Two: Children in Years 3-6 are supervised in the playground by a member of staff until the whistle is blown at 9am. Children walk sensibly into classes and the playground gate is then shut.

Morning Playtime

Reception and Key Stage One: The children enjoy their morning play at 10.30am. They are able to bring in a healthy snack such as fruit and can bring their drink outside too.

Key Stage Two: The children enjoy their morning playtime at 11am. They are welcome to bring in a healthy snack.


Children can choose to bring in sandwiches or choose from a range of options freshly prepared from our school kitchen. Children in Reception and Key Stage One are entitled to free school lunches. We have an experienced team of lunchtime staff to supervise and lead play outside and run our busy dinner hall. We want lunchtimes to be fun, enjoyable and active for our children. We run games outside, an indoor games club, lego club. Year 6 children train as play leaders to support younger ones. We have a staggered lunchtime to ensure that all the children have space to run and play, but also have the chance to mix with each other.

Reception: To help them enjoy lunchtime and give them some extra support, children in Reception come into the hall for their lunch at 11.45am. We have lots of adults on hand to help them manage lunchtime.

Key Stage One: Children come into lunch from 12pm and are able to sit with their friends. Children are responsible for collecting their food and clearing the table once they’ve finished. We encourage our children to have a good lunch!

Key Stage Two: Year 3 and 4 Children begin lunch at 12.30pm, Year 5 and 6 children start their lunch at 12.45pm. We encourage children to sit with friends, take responsibility for helping others and have a healthy lunch. They support all children in showing good manners to earn house points each day.

Afternoon Sessions

In the afternoons we usually focus on subjects such as computing, music, art, science, PSHE, RE or our topic themed work based on Hisotry or Geography.

Reception and Key Stage One: The children are met in the playground by their class teachers at 1pm. They walk calmly into class ready to learn. Children are responsible for putting their coats on their pegs.

Key Stage Two: Year 3 and 4 children are met in the playground by their teachers at 1.30pm for their afternoon session. They walk calmly into class ready for their learning. Year 5 and 6 children finish their lunchtime at 1.45pm.

Afternoon Playtime

Reception and Key Stage One: Our younger children usually have an extra playtime in the afternoon. We believe this is an important time for children to learn key social skills, be active and have fun! Children have free fruit or vegetables during this playtime.

Home Time

Reception: At 3.25pm the Reception staff welcome parents and carers in to collect their children directly from the classrooms.

Key Stage One: At 3.25pm the class teachers bring Key Stage One out into the playground. When the gates are opened at 3.25pm, children can be collected by their grown ups from the class line. Teachers carefully check to ensure the children are collected safely.

Key Stage Two: At 3.30pm Key Stage Two children leave their classrooms. They leave via the main playground gate. Some of our older children walk or cycle home independently, children who are collected are met in the playground. 

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