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Year 1 Autumn 1

 Take a look at some of our wonderful learning!

In PE we have been learning the fundamentals; this unit links to the following strands of the NC: master basic movements including running, jumping and throwing. Develop balance, agility and coordination, and begin to apply these in a range of activities.

Our History project has been really exciting. We have been talking to our Grandparents and Parents about what games they played when they were little and what toys they played with. We learnt how to play Oranges and Lemons. We compared our teddies to Ms Fairbrother's teddies which were really old and precious. Did you know that Barbie is 60 years old? She's looking good!


We have been exploring addition and subtraction in maths - We found using the part-part-whole model tricky. However, we persevered and we are learning our number bonds up to 10.

We've embraced our Science project on everyday materials with gusto! We have found out what objects are made of. We have sorted rough and smooth materials. We also completed our first fair test to see which materials are most absorbent. We are testing transparency next and stretchy materials - we can't wait!


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