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Year 6 Visit The Valley of Rocks

Please see the below write up written by Year 6 students, Hazel and Scarlett. 

Thank you to the parent volunteers who enabled this trip to happen! 

It was a long, windy bus journey to Valley of the Rocks. However, eventually we got there - after 55 minutes! Once we arrived, we had a snack and were looking at our maps. Tigers (year 6, not the animal!) went down the hill whilst Lions (Year 6, not the animal!) went up the hill. Tigers had a look around Castle Hill and Rugged Jack. They explored and discussed why people would visit Valley of Rocks. They also gazed at Wales just across the water. Then they gradually moved up the hill to where all of the rock formations had eroded in the past years. Water would get into the cracks of the rock formations and cliffs and then, in the winter, the water would freeze and expand then break the rocks. Meanwhile, Lions class were walking around the other parts of the hills gazing at the goats and sketching the landscapes. They found out that a part of The Valley of the Rocks is actually used as a cricket pitch during summer and there was a tea house just next to it. Then we all met up together to have lunch! YUM! We all split off into little groups with our friends and sat on the grass to eat. In the afternoon, the groups swapped over and Tigers noticed a group of goats running across the road one after the other to try and get into the field next door. In Lions they found a fossil (thanks to one of the very skilled students who was digging through the rocks!). After our amazing day at Valley of the Rocks, unfortunately, we had to experience the very long coach journey again. Once we got back to school we had a chat about what everyone thought of the trip. We all agreed that it was a gorgeous place to visit.