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London Residential By Skylar-Rea

First on the Monday we went on the coach to the Natural History Museum. When we got in there, there was a big skeleton of a mammoth blue whale hanging from the tall ceiling above our heads. In another room there was this big - and I mean BIG - blue whale but not a skeleton of it this time; it was a massive sculpture of it - bigger than a boat.  

Then we got shown to our rooms in the hostel in which we were staying. 

On the Tuesday, we went to the Science Museum. We went to the earthquake simulator, and we stood in the shop and then the floor shook to make it feel like it was a real earthquake. Then after the science museum we went to the Tower of London where Anne Boleyn was beheaded and saw some of the History of London and England. 

Still on the Tuesday after the Tower of London we went on a boat trip to the London eye; the London eye was fun, and we got to see the beautiful view up above. After the London eye, we went to a west end show to watch Matilda the Musical. It was amazing my favourite character was Ms Trunchbull. The bit that surprised me was how Ms Trunchbull flung the kid by her hair. 

On the last day, on Wednesday, we went to the Harry potter Studios - it was so fun. We got to go on to the train and into the great hall. I had the best time there. There was this dragon that ran towards us, and it was scary and it blew fire. After that, we could not see it. Still in the Harry Potter Studios we were allowed to go into the forest where the spiders were, and the spiders jumped down and up. Also, in the big cave laid Aragog the mother of all spiders. 

After that, we got in the coach and got back at 9:30. We had an incredible time on residential and seeing the sights of London.