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About Us

Welcome to Fremington Primary School.


Every child at Fremington Primary School is valued and nurtured. The school is a vibrant place where every pupil flourishes and succeeds. Our pupils develop a deep understanding of the world; both the world we know and the world we do not know - yet! We will ensure that every child recognises what it takes to succeed, sets aspirational goals and enjoys learning, working hard to achieve with the support of a highly qualified and dedicated team of education and care professionals.


The curriculum is broad with high expectations of each child in the core curriculum of Mathematics and English, as well as wider curriculum learning to ensure each child develops secure substantial and disciplinary knowledge, skills and understanding across the subjects.


The school is incredibly lucky to be one of the only Primary Schools in the area with a swimming pool.This means that swimming is part of our core curriculum offer for each child in each year group . The school also has the latest in IT technology to support mobile IT devices across the school.


More importantly we want our children to develop confidence, resilience and empathy coupled with good manners in a secure, warm and inviting school. This ethos aligns with our core values of Friendship, Perseverance and Self-Belief. Relationships with parents are critical to your child's well-being and learning, so the school will work in partnership at all times.

Fremington Primary School has an exciting future and I look forward to working with you and your family.


Kate Fairbrother

Head Teacher