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Application For Absence From School

 (Parents of Nursery Children are permitted leave for holidays)


Parents do not have a right to take their children out of school for holidays during term time.  By law you must ask permission for your child to miss school.  If you don’t you risk a £60/120 penalty notice.  Fremington Primary School follows a clear policy on holiday absence, but it is up to the Head Teacher of the school to decide whether or not the absence will be authorised. A copy of the full Attendance and Punctuality Policy is available on the School’s website.


Parents wishing to apply for their child to have leave from school should complete this form and return it to school for authorisation well in advance of the proposed leave.


Some things to consider in respect of taking children out of school during term time:

  • Children must attend school regularly to achieve their full potential
  • Children who are kept out of school can feel vulnerable and miss out on key work
  • Family Holidays in term time are disruptive to children’s learning and no holidays will be authorised unless under exceptional circumstances. Cost is not an exceptional circumstance.
  • On average children who miss 17 or more days per school year fall behind significantly and can lose significant ground on their peers.


Fremington Primary School states that absence during term time cannot be authorised unless under exceptional circumstances, and certainly not:-

  • During Y1 phonic test week (normally in June each year) and preparation time in the months of May and June.
  • During national assessment month for Y2 pupils - in the months of May and June
  • If the child is in Year 6.
  • During the start of the academic year, i.e. in September and October of each year.
  • If the child’s attendance is below 97% for the current and past academic years.


If, under the above circumstances, parents or carers take their child from school for a holiday, their child’s absence will be recorded as unauthorised in the class register.


No holidays will be authorised in term time except in exceptional circumstances.


Other Absence from school will be authorised if it is for the following reasons:

  • Genuine illness
  • Unavoidable medical/dental appointments (but try to make these after school if at all possible) – evidence may be requested by the school
  • Day of religious observance (one day only)
  • Exceptional circumstances, such as bereavement
  • Seeing a parent who is on leave from the armed forces
  • External examinations
  • When Traveller children go on the road with their parents
  • When a child is competing in a sport or playing an instrument at county, regional or national level. (Evidence may be requested by the school)


Application Form:


Parents wishing to apply for their child to have leave from school should complete the form below and return it to school for authorisation.


Thank you.


Kate Fairbrother


Head Teacher