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At Fremington, our aim is to provide every child with an exemplary education and for each individual to make excellent progress both academically and personally.

We intend for our children to be:
Internationally Minded Citizens: Our curriculum is designed to enable the children to think more critically and ethically whilst becoming more aware of their role and responsibility as a global citizen. The children will be prepared for future learning and employment, confidently mastering the skills of effective communication; informed and reflective action; critical and creative thinking; empathy; managing complexity and uncertainty; self-awareness and reflection; and co-operation and conflict resolution. They will be positive, responsible citizens in their own communities and in the wider world.
Prepared for the 21st Century: The purpose of our curriculum is to prepare the children for life in the 21st Century, whilst showing an awareness of world issues. Children will leave Fremington Primary School having learnt how to learn, being inquisitive and possessing such skills as research, collaboration, innovation, presentation, evaluation and reflection, to help them actively make a difference and create a better world for the future. They will be equipped to succeed in the world and be able to navigate their path on a global stage. They will understand the importance of truth and fairness and will be committed to respect and show empathy for all.
Next-Stage Ready: The children at Fremington Primary School are ready for the next steps of their education, having been given the strong foundations through a broad and balanced curriculum to build upon, ensuring seamless transition to the next stage of their journey. They will know where their own talents and passions lie, through the provision of rich and varied, but meaningful learning experiences across all subject areas and will possess the skills to be independent learners. They will have the confidence to embrace their next steps through their own personal growth and development, having learnt to persevere and by being resilient. Our children are encouraged to take risks, make mistakes and are taken to the very edge of their learning.
Aspirational: All children are given the opportunities and experiences they need to go forward to be successful in their education and future lives, enabling them to confidently achieve and fulfil their dreams and all of their aspirations in an ever challenging and changing world. They will have respect for themselves and high self-esteem. The children will understand that, by having a voice, they can make a difference to improve their lives, the local community and the wider world.