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At Fremington Primary School we recognise the importance of science in every aspect of daily life. Children will become naturally curious about the world around them and will gain respect for living organisms and for the physical environment.

Full coverage of the National Curriculum will be taught to ensure that all pupils develop their scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics; focusing on questioning, researching, and observing. Scientific enquiry skills are embedded in each topic and key vocabulary is reinforced. Children are encouraged to question the world around them, communicate their ideas, and become independent learners. Teachers will ensure children cover these areas and are committed to providing engaging lessons that spark excitement and curiosity about the natural world.

It is our intent to encourage children to be inquisitive about the world, nurturing their innate curiosity and enabling them to develop a range of scientific skills that are useful across the whole curriculum so the children are next stage ready.


At the start of each unit, teachers will begin with a ‘wow’ task that provides a hook for learning, developing a sense of excitement and curiosity for children. Teachers will take the time to find out what our children already know about the topic and what they would like to find out. Our teachers use this information to adapt and extend the curriculum to match children’s needs and interests.

The learning of science will be interactive and engaging through the use of scientific resources and activities, using technology to support the learning. Children will be encouraged to use key scientific language and ask questions throughout each lesson. Children will be asked to review their learning at the end of the topic and reflect on their learning experiences.


The curriculum is designed to generate a love of science and develop a deep curiosity of the world whilst adapting the sessions to meet pupils’ needs. Through modelling and questioning the children will develop the scientific knowledge, skills and understanding which they will apply to their daily lives, local environment, and the world around them. They will build on their previous knowledge and will have the opportunity to reflect.  We want children to become confident using resources and collaboratively and practically investigate and experiment. Teachers will monitor progress and analyse data in order for children to develop and build on their experiences and knowledge throughout the years.


The below attachment includes our science progression statements across the school and our science long term plan.