Headteacher:   Mrs L Kimberley


Welcome to Fremington Primary and Nursery School...

"At Fremington Community Primary & Nursery School we will encourage everyone (children, teachers, all other staff, governors, parents, friends of the school and members of the local community) to work together to provide a stimulating, secure environment, creating quality opportunities in all aspects of the life in school.  Through appropriate co-operative and consultative decision making we will foster mutual respect and trust between all involved in the school's community.  The curriculum, drawn up by the staff, will reflect the needs of the children allowing them to learn by experience, example and instruction, within the context of the National Curriculum."

Throughout your child's time at Fremington School we will expect high standards of effort and achievement and  behaviour and appearance.  We will only achieve this with your support at home.  We expect the very best from your child.  In return you will expect the very best from this school and we will strive to ensure that you are not disappointed.

If there is ever something that you wish to discuss with the school regarding your child or there is a matter you feel should be brought to our attention please don't hesitate to contact us.  We are here to help!

L Kimberley (Headteacher)